Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) provides an array of outpatient services to adults facing challenges in the areas of behavioral health (mental health & substance abuse).  Integrated services approach is tailored to individual’s needs and preferences. It also focuses on evidence based treatment protocols and on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for optimum outcomes. Services are offered using multidisciplinary team approach including intakes, biopsychosocial diagnostic assessments, and medicine management by licensed professionals. Rehabilitation services include treatments, educational, employment, social, advocacy, and recovery focus.


To become a leading service provider of comprehensive and quality behavioral health for all people in need of support.


To lead our community in providing excellent treatment, services, and education in the areas of behavioral health and developmental disabilities, and fostering meaningful opportunities for mind and body wellness. To create, promote, and maintain positive outcomes for people we serve, staff, payers (insurance companies), and community.


Our services are located in Capitol Heights, Maryland, that has been identified as one of the Health Enterprise Zones in Maryland. This location is part of a large community known as Kingdom Square and officially renamed Hampton Park.

About Dr. Kaur:


Dr. Kaur

Dr. Satwant Kaur, President of Integrated Behavior Health, LLC, Inc. is passionate about providing quality services for people with special needs.  She earned her doctorate from the Catholic University and understands how children and adults learn. She also earned advance degrees in Special Education specializing in autism and learning disabilities from Howard and George Washington Universities in Washington, DC.

Her work experience includes establishing innovative programs in India for families of children with disabilities, training programs for professionals, working with UNICEF and WHO, working with private and not-for-profit agencies in the field of disabilities. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching undergraduate, graduate, and professional development courses in psychology of exceptionalities, counseling, research in social sciences, and special education at local universities and colleges in Washington, DC area.  She taught for five summers at the Catholic Brothers of Charities in Belgium to teach similar courses.

Dr. Kaur’s experience of over 25 years in developing, implementing, managing, compliance monitoring, as well as improving consumer and employee satisfaction goes ways beyond just understanding needs of special population. She is steadfast in her believe in working with a whole person and his/her family in an integrated environment to create supportive communities and helping persons become functional in their communities. She focuses on inclusion at all levels of service provision. She believes when a person is given resources, opportunities, and motivating environment, they make tremendous amount of progress on their personal goals.